Welcome to the sound of silence.

It has been just over one year of this novel coronavirus, the covid-19, which has felt like a year of absolute silence. It is more than a year now that the world looked deep into the eyes of a worldwide pandemic and wondered what was to become of such an event taking place over this earth. Lockdowns, curfews, and restrictions became the order of the day. This novel coronavirus, this covid-19 as it is also known, was this time last year only beginning to sweep through the earth and on this day last year, 4 th March 2020, the World Health Organization said, the number of reported cases of people infected stood at 92,943, with 3,160 people dead from the virus. At that time, those were the worldwide figures and the virus had already reached 81 countries. Globally, as of today 4 March 2021, there have been 114,653,749 confirmed cases of covid-19, including 2,550,500 deaths, this reported by the World Health Organization, and sadly the numbers continue to rise. So much can be heard in the

Errors upon errors and the consequence thereof

Looking back at this past week it seems I have been having incredibly early mornings, regardless of the lack of sleep, my heart rejoices that I got to at least accomplish set tasks for each day. One may feel exhausted after completing set duties, but that up-to-date charged-up feeling, always welcome. Brings to mind days waking up early morning during school days, such as memories of junior high school where we would have weekly tests based on that chapter of learning during the week.  I didn’t favour those weekly tests because if you failed on some of the questions, one was given the chance to go back and do the corrections. Not that it changed the initial mark record. I’m guessing it was a way of making sure you get to fully understand what has been taught and hopefully gain some sort of knowledge through those exercises. To Err is human. The remainder of the line, “to forgive divine.”  But I don’t want to dwell on that part of forgiveness just yet. We all have made mistakes in

Happy Birthday Akin!

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful, intelligent, hilarious, adventurous, thoughtful, and kind human I get to call my love! What a profound day to be able to celebrate your birthday with you. My life has been colourful since our paths crossed. You compel me always to be the best, to be strong and to face challenges with all ferocity. Thank you for making life so full and never failing to make me smile. You are such an amazing, caring, and wonderful man, and I am one lucky boy to have a boyfriend like you! Not only are you the world’s best fiancĂ©, but you are the best friend I could have ever asked for. I cannot wait to celebrate many more birthdays to come! I find myself so thankful to God that on this day when you were brought into this world, He made sure though all the challenges He kept you safe and made you so much stronger than the world expected. Now I have the honour to wish you the best happy birthday in the world! I am so thankful for you being in my life every singl

Midnight Thoughts

   Only to be with the man.   In the way a lion exudes its strength, True love is heard as a stronger voice.    We create dreams to build a stronger fortress, We build on a hope that only time and distance can put to the test.   Time, a place in trying to understand eternity, A belief in hope that time will deliver on promises made. Yet we place our hopes and dreams for what we need in it. Time is just a temporal location.   Thoughts become the central point to keep control. What it should be and what it can be, A power is given to belief. A power that strengthens or a power that weakens, it is a choice.   As loud as the clicks, whistles, and pulsed calls of whales can be heard, the heart calls louder for him to hear, the spirit longs to draw him closer.   One can only pray he has heard the call, And this to hold till the time we are together.   Soon it shall be told of two hearts becoming one.     It shall be that love will fin

A test and a challenge for love.

 For the first time in my life I believe I have found someone to love me, someone who has given me the courage to stand up for who I am and has shown me the independence I have as an individual, the strength I possess to realise I am deserving of love. I believe I have found someone who makes me feel strong enough to stand up and accept who I am, not only to myself but also to affirm to those around me that what seemed impossible or unimaginable has happened to me. I can finally stand tall and shout it aloud that someone out there loves me in just the way I love him. It is amazing as it is wonderful. I must admit that even though I have great flaws, this man in my life holds my hand and lets me know I am only human and that I learn and grow through my mistakes, I’m not perfect. It is beyond our control that for now, we have a geographical distance between us, daily we can only through modern communications reassure each other of this love we share, despite the challenges we k

When Corona visits so close to home.

World over we have been bombarded with the news of the novel coronavirus disease known as the covid19. An infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus spread from person to person. Covid-19 symptoms can range from mild (or no symptoms) to severe illness. The virus has sparked global anxiety and concern and has plunged the world into a pandemic and should you be reading this right now and are in good health, consider yourself blessed by God. Please do your best to keep it so. I have noticed that unlike any other virus we have come to know, this COVID-19 from time of infection can in a short period of time easily cause death regardless of health status. We must not live in fear, but it is paramount that for now, our survival depends on following set guidelines from renowned scientists and the World Health Organization (W.H.O) to keep extra hygiene, maintain social distancing, and avoid personal contact as best we can, also when in public spaces to wear a face mask

Open spaces

Inspiration for the need to write. For the first time in a while, maybe in as much as seven months. Yesterday I got to be out of the city in a place about 15Km out of town on a small-holding farm. The only reason for my presence in those semi-wild environs was assisting a colleague, Uber driver equivalent just helping to get the veterinary man to attend to the livestock. It has been a frantic week at work, working mainly around geriatrics can and will at most times put you on a roller coaster ride. But I do enjoy my work over the years it has opened a wider insight into my understanding and appreciation of history and could probably be the leading reason that sparked my found curiosity and interest especially into human history. On arrival at the farm, I was made to feel at home and free to walk around the area. It was a hot and dry afternoon but that did not stop me from walking around, my focus and curiosity centred around the vegetable garden. For me, this had to be the main