Open spaces

Inspiration for the need to write.For the first time in a while, maybe in as much as seven months. Yesterday I got to be out of the city in a place about 15Km out of town on a small-holding farm. The only reason for my presence in those semi-wild environs was assisting a colleague, Uber driver equivalent just helping to get the veterinary man to attend to the livestock.It has been a frantic week at work, working mainly around geriatrics can and will at most times put you on a roller coaster ride. But I do enjoy my work over the years it has opened a wider insight into my understanding and appreciation of history and could probably be the leading reason that sparked my found curiosity and interest especially into human history.On arrival at the farm, I was made to feel at home and free to walk around the area.It was a hot and dry afternoon but that did not stop me from walking around, my focus and curiosity centred around the vegetable garden. For me, this had to be the main attraction…

Surviving the growth process.

Everything starts from seed and for the fruit to be enjoyed there is a process that must be initiated and most times the transition is a painful period.
A woman cries because of the labour pains and until the birth of her child and once she has delivered the pain and the process is no longer an issue and soon forgotten.
If anyone has ever witnessed a butterfly coming out of its cocoon, it a moment where one gets tempted to try and help it come out, but nature is amazing, there has to be a process and most of the time going through such painful significances brings out the beauty of what we know as life.
Out of such painful experiences and if we stay strong enough to withstand, we receive much joyful and enjoyable fruit that comes with the whole painful process and that is inexplicable.
Challenges in our lives come to strengthen us – I never understood that until having to face and go through the rough, and understand that the desire for the fruit is much greater than the temporary painful…

Articulate Knowledgeable Imbued Notable.

It's still my birthday month.
For the first seven days of July, my birthday month, my now fiancé for each day before my birthday published a Blog expressing his love for me and the beauty of love we share, the memories, and the desire for a better future together.

On my birthday he posted on Twitter a birthday greeting that received so much attention from so many people. The love and well wishes received made my birthday feel so special and It was such a beautiful and overwhelming experience to receive so much love, attention, and support for this love Akin and I share.
This has been the best birthday and I will never forget it for a lifetime.
Marriage Commitment Resilience Rampant Abundance Wholesomeness.
Lately, there has been a significant increase in my mailbox on Twitter, so many expressing their happiness and sending much-needed blessings to be upon Akin and I, and it is the most wonderful feeling to receive …

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, How does your garden grow?

I have always had a passion for gardening there is something I always found therapeutic in watching nature flourish. From seed or seedling watching the beauty of nature slowly develop and take shape into a magnificent fruit, flower, or vegetable gives me a sense of pride that I had a part to play in its development.
When a seed is planted into the ground, I can always almost envision its beauty and bountiful fruit in its expected time. I always do the best I can to make sure the right amount of water, sunlight, or nourishment when needed is administered.
When it comes to flower plants, I adore roses. I have had some different types of rose plants I have tried so hard to maintain, as they can be an extremely difficult plant to manage, I am still yet to fully understand the complexity and the challenges involved, I’ve in past times taken up some good advice from those gone before me, I’ve provided all that might seem necessary for a positive and good result but always end up short-change…

Tea Break

Taking a chance on trying something new, this my first attempt to type directly without a handwritten draft and trying to write something without a topic to begin with and just putting down my thoughts at random.
Lately, It has been difficult to keep thoughts away from the novel Coronavirus the Covid-19, with news reports one after the other doing their best to highlight this pandemic in many ways.
Even with all this reporting going on, I find it surprising how many people out there do not take the time to be curious enough to research for themselves the impact of this pandemic.
I was in a pharmacy today and had to wait a few minutes before I was served, while waiting, I could not help but overhear a conversation between two gentlemen regarding this Covid-19 virus. For a moment it felt like I was back in primary school as these two, seemly grown men, competing on how much more one knew than the other about the virus, they both had best remedy action plans at the ready. It was entertaini…

2020! You're out of kilter!

To all things, change must come.
It feels to this point this year 2020 has been one giant roller coaster ride, and we have found ourselves having to readjust, review, re-evaluate, and trying to revitalize ourselves. Although, sometimes plain old boredom kicks in, but most importantly having to remain and keep calm.
For me, I know the first half of the year is over when every week for the month of May I have to wish on every week at least two sometimes three people a happy birthday, the fun of remembering who’s birthday it is on each day has begun.
This Coronavirus the COVID-19, which has taken over the world in the last few months has really shown the world just how vulnerable we are as human beings.
This virus has also exposed a lot of rotten tomatoes within many government organizations world over and it has been amazing to see the many fumbles but mostly the lack of basic intelligence from some of the world leaders, but history will surely remember them all. In Zimbabwe, for example, Fi…

Unhappy Independence Day Zimbabwe!

Forty Years of Ruin.
Today marks forty years of Zimbabwe’s Independence Day celebrations.
I pay tribute to the struggle for liberation and respect the sacrifices incurred for our independence, but what do we have to show for it, a nation divided within itself, an elite group of self-centred leaders in government and in some business.
What is meant for a time of supposedly joyous celebrations for a nation is a moment met with many different emotions, expressions, and feelings.
Robert Mugabe and his cronies (Zanu PF) took over a nation in 1980, of which it was a country that was the envy of many and the breadbasket within the Southern African region. Robert Mugabe and his government at that time made a promise to uplift the lives of its citizens.
In the early 1980s Robert Mugabe presented himself as a sophisticated, sensible and a well-balanced man when he took over the reins of power.
But it was not long that for most of the population it became clear that it didn’t take much time for a chan…