The Importance of a good nights’ sleep.

I have suffered insomnia for all my life. I remember in my teens doctors only remedy was to prescribe some sort of sleeping tablets, it was amazing to just take a pill that allowed me to sleep through the night but left me with side effects worse than the sleep deprivation itself. I soon stopped taking them and felt human again, all this in my early age of the 20’s and vowed to myself that never again would I take such.   In the past few days sleep hasn’t come easy and I have tried all home-made remedies that I have been told could help, none to any avail.   I refuse to use any drug induced treatments as past experiences have left their scars I remember so well.   A lack of sleep can cause so much damage to the body, mind, and soul sometimes I feel I need a sleep clinic to help me get this sorted, in times like this my mind never functions as it should, I tend to make the wrong decisions I soon regret.   Today I visited my doctor and not surprisingly could only prescribe some

Call me by my name because I am not him!

Over the past weakened I had some time to have a good sit down with my dad and we just had a good old chat. I can’t remember when last we ever had a good talk. I can count on one hand the years my dad and I have been able to talk to each other, our relationship was non-existent until a few years ago when I almost lost my life due to an illness that almost took my life and cost me 18days in hospital, of which 12 days kept me in the intensive care unit. Sometimes I wonder and ask myself if he only communicates with me now because of pity, or out of sympathy, it’s hard to tell. I may have over-reacted to him when he constantly kept on calling me by my brothers’ name during our conversation, at first I let it be and ignored such, but as we conversed, I realised he did not acknowledge the fact that it was talking to me he, he mentioned things I never did that were all done by my brothers, he continued to call me by their names interchangeable and there was   a moment I realised, he was no

The extreme of hangovers.

  I haven’t written a blog for a sometime now and I always put it down to how I am still so comfortable with writing on paper than publishing anything online. We are towards the end August but still I am still getting over all the events of July 2022, I had the greatest of surprises for my birthday month, I have been back in my hometown for close to month but still remember how Akin made it possible that we meet up and spend the month of July in Cape Town. If before this birthday I ever said I had the best of birthdays, I lied, this past birthday must go down in my history book as the very best of birthdays ever! Not only did I get to spend the day with the man I love but he went on to make that day extra special I got gifts from him all through the day, it was one thing after another and even a special gift from him that keeps on giving, so unexpected but most welcome. We are approaching the end of August, but I am still stuck and re-living those moments, my mind replaying t

So Much History in Such a Small Town.

 Although I did not grow up in Gwanda, a town just over 130Km’s from Bulawayo, it is the capital of the province of Matabeleland South, whenever I am in Gwanda there is a strange connecting feeling I experience I wonder if this is because my great grandparents settled in this town when they respectively arrived and made it their home, many, many decades ago.  I only used to see this town on the few occasions when I passed through by coach on my way to and from South Africa. Gwanda is in an area rich in gold and perfect for the cattle ranching industry,   many decades ago in the 1900’s   some lucky men of European descent came in and made this town their home and established themselves comfortably and making claims to various mines and various farms and they began what is now a history that has changed many lives and creating interconnections within families that I feel someone should write a book about it’s rich history, but then again from the little stories I have heard and been to
What happened in heaven.   I recently got back from a great time spent away with my partner Akin we were in Cape Town the mother city of Southern Africa a place we have fallen in love with. and an opportunity to get know my partner better and I couldn't ask for any place better to spend some great quality moments together. As much as we did so much and many things together let it be known for the record that Akin is the better planner between us, I so often just take things off the surface with some not so good consequences and repairs may be needed after I've had my take on things, but hey, of it all, Its always a blessing and great privilege to spend time with my lover, yes, even if he could make for the best events planner, I truly don’t mind us just sitting there naked all day at home and I’d be just fine with that, that’s just me. As long as Akin is with me, and he has a smile, life’s good. The one thing I really do miss is the Sunday Eucharist at the St George’s Cathedral

2021 The Year That Was.

  One day at a time. At the start of this year, things seemed hopeful with plans for the betterment of life and hope that the year ahead would bring much relief but it becomes clear that dreams are just that, dreams are not reality and easily fade away from memory. Finding Self and I can only look at the cross of Christ. So many circumstances and events occur around me I choose not what comes my way. I have encountered many a situation unwelcome. Fighting off some challenges in some places successful, but with some unknown forces in this year still continuing to follow my life in their insipid hopes that they think could destroy the happiness I am trying so hard to keep in my life by intentionally sending me nonsensical and unnecessary text messages from different numbers that I have tried so hard to just ignore. I am only human and at times such does affect my train of thought that I sometimes wonder who I am simply based on my very own reactions. I often wonder how I come across to s

Just remember that you are loved.

 You have your past which has shaped you into the person you are today - yet still your past is gone, but love remains strong. It is your past that has shaped you and has made you strong enough to stand up for the person that you are today. The values you hold on so true that define you, have brought out a marvellous gem of that which is you. You are surrounded by those who love you and care deeply for you and continue to care even more about you today even much more than yesterday. Some who have only now just arrived in your life but care for you deeper than you may ever know. Just remember, you are loved.