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Unhappy Independence Day Zimbabwe!

Forty Years of Ruin. Today marks forty years of Zimbabwe’s Independence Day celebrations. I pay tribute to the struggle for liberation and respect the sacrifices incurred for our independence,  but what do we have to show for it, a nation divided within itself, an elite group of self-centred leaders in government and in some business. What is meant for a time of supposedly joyous celebrations for a nation is a moment met with many different emotions, expressions, and feelings. Robert Mugabe and his cronies (Zanu PF) took over a nation in 1980, of which it was a country that was the envy of many and the breadbasket within the Southern African region. Robert Mugabe and his government at that time made a promise to uplift the lives of its citizens. In the early 1980s Robert Mugabe presented himself as a sophisticated, sensible and a well-balanced man when he took over the reins of power. But it was not long that for most of the population it became clear that it d

The making of history

These times to remember Locusts, Novel Coronavirus – Covid 19, Pandemic, Social distancing, Lockdown, Infections, Deaths, Recoveries, and conspiracy theories. To this point the year 2020 so far would make for a great chapter in the bible. By Gods grace should we survive through this chaos, I believe this season will without a doubt bring out a change in us as humans and our way of life. Dealing with restricted access to our daily habits and necessities, for many is proving quite the challenge. I will take a wild guess and say for most of us bad habits were the first to became painfully highlighted during these frantic times. One thing I am certain of, these are moments and markings of great history in the making and of stories we will live to tell, should we be the lucky ones to survive. Connecting makes a difference A good friend included me to join in on a group session of a 21-day program of self-awareness and understanding of thought control, today being th

Attention to current affairs

Attention to current affairs I have always had an interest in following world events through various news reports from around the world. It always felt like checking up on the well-being of the world which gave me a sense of understanding of the many issues that would be revealed, at best an understanding of the events happening around the world. I was in Cape Town, South Africa, with my partner, Akin Akintayo, who resides in Manchester, United Kingdom. We spent just over a month together during December 2019 through January 2020 and as we are trying to build a solid relationship we have been meeting up in South Africa for most of 2019. it is because of some bureaucracy issues that South Africa has made it the best for our chance of being together. It was sometime in late December 2019 that a news report broke out that the Chinese authorities treating dozens of cases of pneumonia of an unknown cause that broke out in Wuhan, a city in China. I felt unthreatened at that