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2021 The Year That Was.

  One day at a time. At the start of this year, things seemed hopeful with plans for the betterment of life and hope that the year ahead would bring much relief but it becomes clear that dreams are just that, dreams are not reality and easily fade away from memory. Finding Self and I can only look at the cross of Christ. So many circumstances and events occur around me I choose not what comes my way. I have encountered many a situation unwelcome. Fighting off some challenges in some places successful, but with some unknown forces in this year still continuing to follow my life in their insipid hopes that they think could destroy the happiness I am trying so hard to keep in my life by intentionally sending me nonsensical and unnecessary text messages from different numbers that I have tried so hard to just ignore. I am only human and at times such does affect my train of thought that I sometimes wonder who I am simply based on my very own reactions. I often wonder how I come across to s