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A test and a challenge for love.

 For the first time in my life I believe I have found someone to love me, someone who has given me the courage to stand up for who I am and has shown me the independence I have as an individual, the strength I possess to realise I am deserving of love. I believe I have found someone who makes me feel strong enough to stand up and accept who I am, not only to myself but also to affirm to those around me that what seemed impossible or unimaginable has happened to me. I can finally stand tall and shout it aloud that someone out there loves me in just the way I love him. It is amazing as it is wonderful. I must admit that even though I have great flaws, this man in my life holds my hand and lets me know I am only human and that I learn and grow through my mistakes, I’m not perfect. It is beyond our control that for now, we have a geographical distance between us, daily we can only through modern communications reassure each other of this love we share, despite the challenges we k