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So Much History in Such a Small Town.

 Although I did not grow up in Gwanda, a town just over 130Km’s from Bulawayo, it is the capital of the province of Matabeleland South, whenever I am in Gwanda there is a strange connecting feeling I experience I wonder if this is because my great grandparents settled in this town when they respectively arrived and made it their home, many, many decades ago.  I only used to see this town on the few occasions when I passed through by coach on my way to and from South Africa. Gwanda is in an area rich in gold and perfect for the cattle ranching industry,   many decades ago in the 1900’s   some lucky men of European descent came in and made this town their home and established themselves comfortably and making claims to various mines and various farms and they began what is now a history that has changed many lives and creating interconnections within families that I feel someone should write a book about it’s rich history, but then again from the little stories I have heard and been to
What happened in heaven.   I recently got back from a great time spent away with my partner Akin we were in Cape Town the mother city of Southern Africa a place we have fallen in love with. and an opportunity to get know my partner better and I couldn't ask for any place better to spend some great quality moments together. As much as we did so much and many things together let it be known for the record that Akin is the better planner between us, I so often just take things off the surface with some not so good consequences and repairs may be needed after I've had my take on things, but hey, of it all, Its always a blessing and great privilege to spend time with my lover, yes, even if he could make for the best events planner, I truly don’t mind us just sitting there naked all day at home and I’d be just fine with that, that’s just me. As long as Akin is with me, and he has a smile, life’s good. The one thing I really do miss is the Sunday Eucharist at the St George’s Cathedral