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Errors upon errors and the consequence thereof

Looking back at this past week it seems I have been having incredibly early mornings, regardless of the lack of sleep, my heart rejoices that I got to at least accomplish set tasks for each day. One may feel exhausted after completing set duties, but that up-to-date charged-up feeling, always welcome. Brings to mind days waking up early morning during school days, such as memories of junior high school where we would have weekly tests based on that chapter of learning during the week.  I didn’t favour those weekly tests because if you failed on some of the questions, one was given the chance to go back and do the corrections. Not that it changed the initial mark record. I’m guessing it was a way of making sure you get to fully understand what has been taught and hopefully gain some sort of knowledge through those exercises. To Err is human. The remainder of the line, “to forgive divine.”  But I don’t want to dwell on that part of forgiveness just yet. We all have made mistakes in