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Tea Break

Taking a chance on trying something new, this my first attempt to type directly without a handwritten draft and trying to write something without a topic to begin with and just putting down my thoughts at random. Lately, It has been difficult to keep thoughts away from the novel Coronavirus the Covid-19, with news reports one after the other doing their best to highlight this pandemic in many ways. Even with all this reporting going on, I find it surprising how many people out there do not take the time to be curious enough to research for themselves the impact of this pandemic. I was in a pharmacy today and had to wait a few minutes before I was served, while waiting, I could not help but overhear a conversation between two gentlemen regarding this Covid-19 virus. For a moment it felt like I was back in primary school as these two, seemly grown men, competing on how much more one knew than the other about the virus, they both had best remedy action plans at the ready

2020! You're out of kilter!

To all things, change must come. It feels to this point this year 2020 has been one giant roller coaster ride, and we have found ourselves having to readjust, review, re-evaluate, and trying to revitalize ourselves. Although, sometimes plain old boredom kicks in, but most importantly having to remain and keep calm. For me, I know the first half of the year is over when every week for the month of May I have to wish on every week at least two sometimes three people a happy birthday, the fun of remembering who’s birthday it is on each day has begun. This Coronavirus the COVID-19, which has taken over the world in the last few months has really shown the world just how vulnerable we are as human beings. This virus has also exposed a lot of rotten tomatoes within many government organizations world over and it has been amazing to see the many fumbles but mostly the lack of basic intelligence from some of the world leaders, but history will surely remember them all. In