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Hello! who are you.?

Hello! who are you.? It seems this is the first question we ask each other when we meet for the first time and better still should we just feel a spark of interest, we become ignited and open to exploring what might come of the acquaintance. I have always admired people who can answer this question almost instantaneously and exude so much confidence and a display in brief of their accomplishments with ease. If you ask me this question be prepared to hear from the onset of how I was born just eleven months after my older sibling, on a birth date of all sevens, in a country with one of the seven natural wonders of the world, a surname with seven letters, and being my father’s seventh child and trust me this list of sevens can go on. Made of moments and memories. Is this really who I am. I am eternally grateful to my maternal grandmother for her earnest aid in my early development of life. Considering being of twice and tried failed abortions on me, I guess I just hav