The making of history

These times to remember

Locusts, Novel Coronavirus – Covid 19, Pandemic, Social distancing, Lockdown, Infections, Deaths, Recoveries, and conspiracy theories.
To this point the year 2020 so far would make for a great chapter in the bible.
By Gods grace should we survive through this chaos, I believe this season will without a doubt bring out a change in us as humans and our way of life.

Dealing with restricted access to our daily habits and necessities, for many is proving quite the challenge. I will take a wild guess and say for most of us bad habits were the first to became painfully highlighted during these frantic times.

One thing I am certain of, these are moments and markings of great history in the making and of stories we will live to tell, should we be the lucky ones to survive.

Connecting makes a difference

A good friend included me to join in on a group session of a 21-day program of self-awareness and understanding of thought control, today being the 17th day, I have to admit It has been extremely beneficial and supportive in dealing with the mental challenges under the circumstances.

Not only has this program been helping me to gain a positive outlook and awareness of the thoughts I allow to flow through me, as we manifest what we think about. I am appreciative that it has helped me to be able to work through some of the bad habits that were my struggle and work through the difficulties of letting go of such.

I can be sensitive and ruled by my emotions and often present a good amount of tolerance, but there is part of me that exposes a ruthless and demanding side of me that can lead to some regret at the end of it all.

I am grateful to be reminded that I have control over what I allow as my thoughts and I have control over my feelings that will help me become a better person I know can become.

Through these testing times I only hope for a better tomorrow.


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