It is what it is, we are here to stay.


In the year 2024, I find myself reflecting on the enduring misconception held by many people who identify as heterosexual that homosexuality is nothing more than a sexual desire.

It pains me to see how some have convinced themselves that those who are homosexual are incapable of anything beyond their orientation.

Despite knowing that homosexuality has existed long before the time of Jesus, there are still those who view it as a mere choice that can be switched on or off at will. It is important to remember that homosexuality is not a new phenomenon nor is it something that can be eradicated or changed at will. 

Throughout my own journey, I have witnessed the struggles faced by individuals who identify as homosexual, including the need to hide their true self and endure the hatred and discrimination of society. It breaks my heart to think of the centuries of denial and secrecy that have been forced upon those who simply wanted to be true to themselves. 

Homosexuality did not start with me, and I know it will continue long after I am gone.

The existence of diverse sexual orientations is a natural part of human diversity and should be celebrated rather than condemned. it is imperative to acknowledge the richness and diversity of human experiences.

Homosexuality encompasses far more than a mere sexual desire; it encompasses love, companionship, and the fundamental right to live authentically.

Embracing and respecting the spectrum of human sexuality is essential in fostering a society where all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation, can thrive and be celebrated for their uniqueness.


  1. This is a very bold piece about sexuality and expression. Even in my compendium of writings, I might have touched on the subject and how I am affected, I'm not sure I have done a full-frontal declaration as this.
    I found a new confidence for myself in reading this. Thank you.


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