Welcome to the sound of silence.

It has been just over one year of this novel coronavirus, the covid-19, which has felt like a year of absolute silence. It is more than a year now that the world looked deep into the eyes of a worldwide pandemic and wondered what was to become of such an event taking place over this earth.

Lockdowns, curfews, and restrictions became the order of the day.
This novel coronavirus, this covid-19 as it is also known, was this time last year only beginning to sweep through the earth and on this day last year, 4th March 2020, the World Health Organization said, the number of reported cases of people infected stood at 92,943, with 3,160 people dead from the virus. At that time, those were the worldwide figures and the virus had already reached 81 countries.

Globally, as of today 4 March 2021, there have been 114,653,749 confirmed cases of covid-19, including 2,550,500 deaths, this reported by the World Health Organization, and sadly the numbers continue to rise.

So much can be heard in the sound of silence.

This time last year we steadily and carefully began to control our movements and became much more aware of our interactions with each other, the world around us started to dramatically change. I personally had dreams and plans for the year 2020 hoping and wishing to come true, but sadly the pandemic had other plans, alas.

For some silly reason, this time of last year I had a certain expectation that those within the higher echelons of many government departments around the world would take charge and prove their reasons and worthiness of being elected to those leadership positions and implement strategies for the betterment of the people, but even so, some tried, but many fell by the wayside.

It was not long when ineptitude and corruption soon tailed many of those in government leadership positions that many showed their disrespect in strange ways, and the voice of the politician became lounder than that of the scientists in many cases.Incredibly sad indeed.

This soon became horrifying as the scientists, the doctors, and nurses, the ones we needed the most at a time of such calamity, to be the ones armed and ready to face this battle but sadly in many cases, they were the ones sent into the frontlines almost blindfolded, the ones who rightly possess the kind of knowledge to handle such devastations were made to face this devastation that cost many of the lives of so many frontline workers faced with limited resources and sent in to tackle this invisible enemy that has unnecessarily caused so much despair and needlessly taken away so many lives. So many millions of people infected and affected by this devastation. It is almost like the world has stood still and silent for a moment.

The silence can say and teach so much.

The greatest of apperception must be shown to all those working in the frontline of this pandemic, working tirelessly in efforts to save lives, and we should always be grateful to those in the frontline of this pandemic trying their best in every way possible, and we must salute those who have lost their lives because of working in the frontlines, sacrificing their lives and leaving behind loved ones behind.

Many have lost a mother, while some cry for their husband or their father. some have lost a daughter or a son that has left a great void in their lives.

There is a husband or a wife right now crying somewhere, trying so hard to find the strength to comfort the children who don’t fully understand why this is happening.

This pandemic has been brutal. We all by now know of someone who has died, someone facing a great challenge because of this pandemic.  

We have all been affected in some way that leaves a scar still waiting to heal.

Life as we have known it has changed.

It not the same anymore.

We have been careful, but also, we have been hurt in so many ways.

We can only hope for the best and continue in hope that tomorrow will be a better day.

We will find the strength to overcome.

Having to adapt to new daily routines of this life, and having to stay indoors, the wearing of masks, and sanitizing and washing of hands keeping proper hygiene methods, this all has become the order of the day, somehow, we are all trying as best we can to keep safe.

Looking back, I see an unwavering human resilience so much has changed, yet we forge on through having made so many alterations in our daily lives, and if you are a creature of habit like I am, it has not been easy.

 To all I say, keep safe as best you can as this battle continues.


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