My 30th Blog.

Hello 30! Lets keep it going.

It's not really a milestone to rave on about as I have written on so many other issues and topics that remain unpublished or worse may easily get deleted.

I do enjoy writing my thoughts down on everyday events and life issues and I think I will always be old school where I start my drafts with paper and pen rather than letting my fingers run all over the keyboard, again my keyboard skills are not too shabby I guess starting out on a typewriter back in the day has helped me a lot to some point.

There are stories and events I've written about (not published) that I feel I get a little too emotional where I have expressed strong views that even surprise myself, the bias clearly shows in these stories I would have written and so sometimes I just take step back and let all go.

I think in the coming weeks I am going to enjoy my blog page, It is going to be an interesting going forward as I have taken up a dare to publish more of what I write. 

So its time I get my pen paper ready, put on my eye glasses while remembering not to try and fit on other pair while I'm still wearing the other pair, who knows, maybe I'll be able to see better.  

I have stories to tell as this great adventure continues. 


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