2020! You're out of kilter!

To all things, change must come.

It feels to this point this year 2020 has been one giant roller coaster ride, and we have found ourselves having to readjust, review, re-evaluate, and trying to revitalize ourselves. Although, sometimes plain old boredom kicks in, but most importantly having to remain and keep calm.

For me, I know the first half of the year is over when every week for the month of May I have to wish on every week at least two sometimes three people a happy birthday, the fun of remembering who’s birthday it is on each day has begun.

This Coronavirus the COVID-19, which has taken over the world in the last few months has really shown the world just how vulnerable we are as human beings.

This virus has also exposed a lot of rotten tomatoes within many government organizations world over and it has been amazing to see the many fumbles but mostly the lack of basic intelligence from some of the world leaders, but history will surely remember them all.
In Zimbabwe, for example, Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube in early April went out with tin cup in hand to the International financial institutions seeking aid using the Covid-19 pandemic as a guise for more funding, but has only exposed the truth about Zimbabwe’s economic situation of which they have tried so hard to keep under wraps, a sad story for another day.

It is just what it is.

In all this madness, I can somehow relate to the bad timing of events so far in 2020.
I’m that guy that would walk into a bank during a robbery – I’m also that guy that would walk into a room and directly stand behind that person saying something inappropriate about me – as for trying to make phone calls I have a great talent for bad timing leaving me feeling rather awkward, and with that in mind, I raise my glass to 2020, I can relate. It will get better.

May we all find strength and courage to rise and stand up tall, these are just trying times.

This too shall pass.  


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