Tea Break

Taking a chance on trying something new, this my first attempt to type directly without a handwritten draft and trying to write something without a topic to begin with and just putting down my thoughts at random.

Lately, It has been difficult to keep thoughts away from the novel Coronavirus the Covid-19, with news reports one after the other doing their best to highlight this pandemic in many ways.

Even with all this reporting going on, I find it surprising how many people out there do not take the time to be curious enough to research for themselves the impact of this pandemic.

I was in a pharmacy today and had to wait a few minutes before I was served, while waiting, I could not help but overhear a conversation between two gentlemen regarding this Covid-19 virus.
For a moment it felt like I was back in primary school as these two, seemly grown men, competing on how much more one knew than the other about the virus, they both had best remedy action plans at the ready. It was entertaining but rather ridiculous at the same time, a true case of the blind leading the blind.

While walking through town it felt just like any other ordinary day, bustling traffic everywhere, with many people going about their business as usual, a lot of people not even having the face masks and as for the practice of social distancing, absolutely ignored amongst many.
I know it is a challenge just leaving the house when necessary to remember the face mask and hand sanitizer, but one thing for sure, the virus constitutes a global threat. In the absence of a vaccine, our primary defence against it consists of what is now termed ‘social distancing’ – minimizing our contacts with others in public spaces. It is not to say most people are unaware of this, maybe it is a case of an invisible virus that allows some to feel so secure.

As I continued on my way walking down the street, I noticed a newsstand on the corner and out of interest I picked up three copies of different weekly publications, as I remembered a time not so long ago when we relied much on these hardcopies for information long before all the online editions became the new normal.

After a long walk, I eventually got home and settled down to have some doughnuts I bought on my way to enjoy while just reading the newspapers. The craving for doughnuts came after a conversation last night with my partner, Akin Akintayo, he mentioned something about doughnuts and how it has been almost two years now that he has been abstaining from such for good reason.
I wish him continued strength.

As I read through some of the newspaper articles, most of the reports were centered around the Zimbabwean politics and its politicians and the dire state of the Zimbabwean economy.
I was only left with this conclusion, that the current ruling party, Zanu-PF, is trying its best to normalise an authoritarian rule in Zimbabwe, whereas the main opposition party, The MDC, which over time has since split into so many factions it is all in total disarray.
With all this commotion and churn within all these political parties, I feel Zimbabweans are ready and seeking for the rise of a new kind of leader who possesses sound leadership qualities and there are a few Zimbabweans I could think of to take up this mammoth challenge and lead Zimbabwe into a new and better direction.

We all sometimes face the unknown, but that is the time we must be brave and move on forward.


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