A test and a challenge for love.

 For the first time in my life I believe I have found someone to love me, someone who has given me the courage to stand up for who I am and has shown me the independence I have as an individual, the strength I possess to realise I am deserving of love.

I believe I have found someone who makes me feel strong enough to stand up and accept who I am, not only to myself but also to affirm to those around me that what seemed impossible or unimaginable has happened to me.

I can finally stand tall and shout it aloud that someone out there loves me in just the way I love him.

It is amazing as it is wonderful.

I must admit that even though I have great flaws, this man in my life holds my hand and lets me know I am only human and that I learn and grow through my mistakes, I’m not perfect.

It is beyond our control that for now, we have a geographical distance between us, daily we can only through modern communications reassure each other of this love we share, despite the challenges we keep strong knowing soon we will overcome obstacles before us.

 It’s not right, it’s not fair. But we stronger together.

 It seems despite the obvious challenges Akin and I face that there are some out there that feel it is not enough that we face such difficulties, that some have taken pleasure in malicious texts to add to the challenges we face.

I have received various hateful emails that I have since debunked and refuse to take notice of their contents simply because what I have with Akin is between Akin and I, and that I will not give attention to their intent on trying to cause needless situations.

I have come to understand that with this great love I have found in Akin that not everyone will approve, and it already shows. But I am here to stay and watch this space for greater things to come.

Nothing that was meant for greatness comes easy, and I will not be shaken like a reed because this that I found in Akin  will grow and we will share this love for the better as we stand strong together.

Love will always win.




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