Midnight Thoughts


Only to be with the man.


In the way a lion exudes its strength,

True love is heard as a stronger voice.


We create dreams to build a stronger fortress,

We build on a hope that only time and distance can put to the test.


Time, a place in trying to understand eternity,

A belief in hope that time will deliver on promises made.

Yet we place our hopes and dreams for what we need in it.

Time is just a temporal location.


Thoughts become the central point to keep control.

What it should be and what it can be,

A power is given to belief.

A power that strengthens or a power that weakens,

it is a choice.


As loud as the clicks, whistles, and pulsed calls of whales can be heard,

the heart calls louder for him to hear,

the spirit longs to draw him closer.


One can only pray he has heard the call,

And this to hold till the time we are together.


Soon it shall be told of two hearts becoming one.  


It shall be that love will find a way.


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