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It's still my birthday month.

For the first seven days of July, my birthday month, my now fiancé for each day before my birthday published a Blog expressing his love for me and the beauty of love we share, the memories, and the desire for a better future together.

On my birthday he posted on Twitter a birthday greeting that received so much attention from so many people. The love and well wishes received made my birthday feel so special and It was such a beautiful and overwhelming experience to receive so much love, attention, and support for this love Akin and I share.

This has been the best birthday and I will never forget it for a lifetime.

Marriage Commitment Resilience Rampant Abundance Wholesomeness.

Lately, there has been a significant increase in my mailbox on Twitter, so many expressing their happiness and sending much-needed blessings to be upon Akin and I, and it is the most wonderful feeling to receive such amazing support from hundreds of people.

With Akin, I have found a love like no other and with what we have found we have made some promises to each other, Yes, we plan to get married and share a life together. If it were not for this current pandemic, I am sure we would be writing a vastly different story.

Not everyone shares the joy of such a love, and it is without a doubt there will be some people out there who would prefer to express their displeasure.
In my short little life, I have received my fair share of homophobic hate and granted they can express their pointless views that lack substance.

But it baffles and boggles my mind when another gay man boldly expresses his jealously and hate towards such a love, it is bad enough trying to ward off  those in this world who are against gay people, that when another gay person tries to strike at the foundations of such love is something I cannot comprehend. I was tempted to call him out and publish his twitter handle, but I will not give them such power.

Is it true, is it really you?

I am happy, grateful, and blessed beyond my wildest of imaginations to have come to know such an amazing love for the first time in my life, I have received the miracle and blessing of love. I have never known such amazing wonder and abundance of love, I often pinch myself and ask, is this really happening to me.

I have been blessed and I will always be eternally grateful, finally it has happened to me.
I am deeply in love with Akin and I promise to do my best and give my all to keep it strong.
Love is everything.


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