Surviving the growth process.

Everything starts from seed and for the fruit to be enjoyed there is a process that must be initiated and most times the transition is a painful period.

A woman cries because of the labour pains and until the birth of her child and once she has delivered the pain and the process is no longer an issue and soon forgotten.

If anyone has ever witnessed a butterfly coming out of its cocoon, it a moment where one gets tempted to try and help it come out, but nature is amazing, there has to be a process and most of the time going through such painful significances brings out the beauty of what we know as life.

Out of such painful experiences and if we stay strong enough to withstand, we receive much joyful and enjoyable fruit that comes with the whole painful process and that is inexplicable.

Challenges in our lives come to strengthen us – I never understood that until having to face and go through the rough, and understand that the desire for the fruit is much greater than the temporary painful process felt in trying to reach that greater result.

I have reached a point of understanding that struggles must be accepted and coped within only the ways that best suit us as individuals, understanding that there is no formula for the right or wrong and if we know and desire the end result that we must stay strong through all the challenges that will be faced in order to archive the desired result.

Even though these trying times we must stay strong and understand that it only gets better.


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