Open spaces

Inspiration for the need to write.

For the first time in a while, maybe in as much as seven months. Yesterday I got to be out of the city in a place about 15Km out of town on a small-holding farm. The only reason for my presence in those semi-wild environs was assisting a colleague, Uber driver equivalent just helping to get the veterinary man to attend to the livestock.

It has been a frantic week at work, working mainly around geriatrics can and will at most times put you on a roller coaster ride. But I do enjoy my work over the years it has opened a wider insight into my understanding and appreciation of history and could probably be the leading reason that sparked my found curiosity and interest especially into human history.

On arrival at the farm, I was made to feel at home and free to walk around the area.

It was a hot and dry afternoon but that did not stop me from walking around, my focus and curiosity centred around the vegetable garden. For me, this had to be the main attraction.

A larger part of the field covered with healthy tomato plants and at that time, early afternoon still getting watered the sight of sprinklers on these well-natured plants was mesmerizing and nostalgic.

On another section, there were other varieties growing, kale, spinach, and onions. it all made for an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction.

It could have been the sound of silence.

As I slowly made my way back up to the main house, I spotted a small gazebo and sitting area in the flower garden at the back of the house, I went on to make myself comfortable on the large swing chair.

It was at that moment I could only hear nature play her tune and as I soaked up the serenity, whatever seemed to trouble or worry my mind seemed futile.

It was in this moment I felt a need to write something, anything, I just felt it was the setting and the best thing to do in that kind of a moment, just write something, anything.

 I will return to that silence and find that word I need to write.

 “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” – Toni Morrison.




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