What happened in heaven.

 I recently got back from a great time spent away with my partner Akin we were in Cape Town the mother city of Southern Africa a place we have fallen in love with. and an opportunity to get know my partner better and I couldn't ask for any place better to spend some great quality moments together. As much as we did so much and many things together let it be known for the record that Akin is the better planner between us, I so often just take things off the surface with some not so good consequences and repairs may be needed after I've had my take on things, but hey, of it all, Its always a blessing and great privilege to spend time with my lover, yes, even if he could make for the best events planner, I truly don’t mind us just sitting there naked all day at home and I’d be just fine with that, that’s just me. As long as Akin is with me, and he has a smile, life’s good.

The one thing I really do miss is the Sunday Eucharist at the St George’s Cathedral of Cape Town, the live choir always had me flashed out, and most time the scripture of the day would seem so relevant to situations faced that the encouragements made known touch deeply knowing that this I face is for my overcoming and for sending all glory above. All I can say to each man is his own faith. That said, it is also when we get the opportunity to dress up in the same outfits, I love those moments! I feel so attached to him and for sure, we most assuredly turn heads wherever we may go, I love it!

On my return to Bulawayo, looking forward to some time of solitude for reflection and hoping to find solitude as past events would require.

With the ease of temperament all this soon to be realized as fruitless as I was soon enough bombarded with visitations from brothers, cousins, and others it was a distraction I did not need, it felt like childhood Christmas when we’d get uninvited, and sometimes unwelcome guests to the house. All I kept muttering to myself is that this is January why all these festivities!

I grew up in a household that was somehow a base station for both sides of my mother and father’s relatives. Every holiday season as a child I was always introduced to many new relatives that I highly doubt I even remember to date and most of them that I’ve ever met, this time around not even the festive month and so much going on. Too much to handle.

Now that I am back in Bulawayo, I watch my church services online. It was in one of these services that the thought hit me. What might have happened when Christ returned back into heaven, I can only imagine the joy of many angels. some of those angels were not sure if He would survive the many challenges He faced that He would get through some of the extreme difficulties He faced here on earth He would overcome. Let it be known that I am a Christ believer and would like to believe many of all angels knew not the purpose and plan of the Christ that might have had some concerns of the plan of the Christ, but keeping positive hope and a positive belief in would it have taken a different path. All I know is that even the angels rejoiced.

 I have found my Phoenix.

I believe that in my lifetime I have met a Phoenix. Unique and beautiful I am left in a daze, could this be true; I have seen a Phoenix. So rare, wonderful, and beautiful, a color so rich and bright and mesmerizing, a beauty, unlike words could describe. And a sound unlike other only he could make, I’ve found my Phoenix, and nothing will take that away. For now, all love to @forakin, all I know is your love.










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