The extreme of hangovers.


I haven’t written a blog for a sometime now and I always put it down to how I am still so comfortable with writing on paper than publishing anything online.

We are towards the end August but still I am still getting over all the events of July 2022, I had the greatest of surprises for my birthday month, I have been back in my hometown for close to month but still remember how Akin made it possible that we meet up and spend the month of July in Cape Town.

If before this birthday I ever said I had the best of birthdays, I lied, this past birthday must go down in my history book as the very best of birthdays ever!

Not only did I get to spend the day with the man I love but he went on to make that day extra special I got gifts from him all through the day, it was one thing after another and even a special gift from him that keeps on giving, so unexpected but most welcome.

We are approaching the end of August, but I am still stuck and re-living those moments, my mind replaying those events and to this day I fail to find the right words to describe the entire experience. I have never known to be given such attention, such amazing care, and he has the gift of knowing just how to plan and ensure all works for the best.

No Network reconnecting, No Buffering.

A long-distance relationship is always one of the hardest to maintain and the fact that after all this time we still standing is a great testament that in any relationship communication is key and for most of the time Akin and I depend on internet connections to work for our conversations and communications to be understood, we do try to maintain such.

In my home country it still remains difficult for a reliable connection, so It is always enormously special and most rewarding to be in the presence of Akin, without any buffering or network reconnections, spending time with Akin in the flesh is something I will always treasure, and I do believe one day we will find our way through such challenges, there is something enchanted about being next to the one you love without any hinderances, I hope those who can be together understand this, but then comes a sort of pain in knowing that this time together is only on borrowed time.

As much as people need to be alone, having that time together is most dear.

As much as we should enjoy every moment, at the back of the mind it plays on you that this is only temporary.

Learning to know more.

Many things were different, our first stay was in Camps Bay, quiet a distance from the city centre this time, I did like it but hearing of all the break-ins and home invasions didn’t help much, I know Akin on many nights didn’t sleep well and that was a great concern for me.  As much as nothing happened to us, it proved to be quite a challenge as walking around the area was bit of a strain as the Camps Bay area is very hilly, I got used to it as I walked the area a lot and I took it as my daily work-out routine.

As the days passed by, we settled in and made the space work best for us. Akin fell a little ill, I thought it was just his move from the Northern hemisphere to this Southern part of the world, I did my best to make sure his recovered and was comfortable.

Over time we have become very fond of Cape Town with the great planning skills of Akin we have by now done much of what Cape Town has to offer, between the both of us Akin is better at planning thing and making sure such plans work out accordingly, in comparison, he is the most organised, and I am not acting out on been biased.

 As time would have it, Akin took some time out to continue his study and development for the passion he has in his field of work, I took the chance to take a leaf off that and as well continued to study on a course of interest, Project Management.

As he booked an office space for his study, back home I tried to figure out what I’d do with my life as my pervious employment had just come to an end. I did spend many days reviewing my C.V and exploring what other kind of opportunities could be around for to me to explore.

I am not much of a social person, so I hardly ever explored those occasions to connect with other like mined souls, I guess I had my head filled with uncertainties that I lost focus, many times I tried to think of things to do, but its either we had done it before or Akin was not inclined or just too tired and not interested in the events ever presented. Even so, I know he had much on his mind as well.

There is so much I could talk about, but in all I am glad to have had time in person with the man that has changed my life for the better and I believe I got to understand a little more, for anyone in a relationship, remember he needs his space.

 I am grateful for the sacrifices that Akin undertakes to make sure we get this time together; he travels thousands of kilometres just to be in the same space with me and for that alone I am humbled and much appreciative of.

 I believe in time things do get better and better stories will be written.


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